About Us

Brazos Masonry, Inc. was established in 1989 with the vision of creating a company built on serving its clients with superb safety, quality, service, and scheduling. Brazos Masonry takes the utmost pride in fulfilling these goals as you build with masonry; the most durable, beautiful, and time-honored building material known to mankind.

Safety is indeed a top priority for us. We have a full-time corporate Safety Director who is strictly dedicated to providing a safe working environment, not only for our employees, but to all personnel on site. Portions of our safety policies include education and feedback forums, as well as several incentive programs. Our equipment is skillfully maintained and regularly inspected. Scaffolding is assembled by certified competent-person erectors. We employ only licensed equipment operators. Our project superintendents and project foremen have been extensively trained in providing a work environment that exceeds O.S.H.A. requirements. Most foremen are 10-hour O.S.H.A. certified or better.

Quality workmanship is one of the areas in which Brazos Masonry has raised the bar of excellence for the masonry industry. We enjoy a stellar reputation for quality, gained through years of commitment to superior craftsmanship. As a result, we have been the recipient of many Excellence in Masonry awards, Golden Trowel awards, and numerous other construction industry recognitions.

Service begins prior to ground-breaking for Brazos Masonry. From the concept phase, through the design phase, during material selection, and continuing through construction, our professional staff will be pro-active as a part of your construction team. We offer cost analysis, value engineering, product technical data, materials sampling, and assistance with construction details and specifications. When our field personnel converge on your jobsite, the same energy continues with momentum.

Scheduling goals are attained through efficient project management, excellent jobsite supervision, and the proficient use of manpower. With one of the largest masonry manpower rosters in the South Central United States, Brazos Masonry is capable of executing aggressive schedules. To our construction partners’ benefit, we will assist in building a mutually beneficial schedule for the masonry scope and update it weekly.