Safety First

We take great pride in our Corporate Safety Program!

We are committed to constantly improving our safety practices while providing outstanding quality of work, excellent customer service and exceeding our customer’s schedule expectations. Safety is more than a set of rules… it is a lifestyle. We believe that every injury is preventable, and our goal is always to have zero injuries . Safety remains our highest priority. It is part of our culture, starting from our CEO through every member of our team.

Safety at Brazos Masonry, Inc. is not a goal, it is a journey!

While we will never get to the end of our Safety Journey or where there is no more room for improvement, we have made many improvements since our inception and will continue to do so to build a culture of safety on all our projects.

Our program starts with continuously improving the Policy and Procedure component of safety, which is vital. The rules of safety must first be produced in a form that is easily understood, and accessible to all employees. The second part of our safety program consists of instilling safety into the hearts of our employees. We work toward this daily by demonstrating true concern for the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees.

We make every effort to constantly monitor hazards and trends to see where changes are needed to limit injuries before they happen. One such hazard that can be present on masonry jobs is silica exposure. Brazos Masonry has an exhaustive Silica Program, including providing a Site-Specific Silica Plan for each project. Another risk that is always present are falls. We work from heights and scaffolds every day and are constantly working to alleviate the associated dangers. We have invested heavily in mast climbing scaffolds rather than the traditional frame scaffolds. Mast climbing scaffolds can be fully decked and railed at ground level, thereby avoiding the hazards of building the scaffold piece by piece in the air. Another improvement to avoid fall hazards is the requirement of all employees to wear a safety harness and lanyard while on scaffolding. This enables them to tie off immediately when needed and not have to retrieve a harness from elsewhere, or be tempted not to use one at all. We have also started an ergonomic program that helps to prevent muscular/skeletal injuries caused by lifting. This program begins before employees are even hired by requiring all employees to undergo a pre-hire physical, which ensures that all new hires are physically capable of the demands their job will place upon them. Scaffold type and layout, site specific lifting equipment, and pre-shift stretching are all parts of our safety program.

Brazos Masonry Superintendents have received:

  • OSHA 30 Hour Training
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Silica Competent Person
  • Scaffolding Competent Person
  • Other Specialized Supervisor Training at our annual Safety Summit.

We offer the following training/safety programs to our employees:

  • New Hire Safety Orientation
  • Crystalline Silica Exposure
  • Competent Person Certification
  • Scaffold Erector Certification
  • Scaffold User Training
  • Forklift Certification
  • Weekly On-Site Safety Training Meetings
  • OSHA 10 Hour
  • OSHA 30 Hour
  • Drug-Free Work Place Program
  • Aerial Lift Certification

Zach Everett

CSHO, SHEP, Corporate Safety Director

Zach leads the Safety Department and is dedicated to providing a safe working environment, not only for our employees, but to all personnel on site.

Justus Everett

Corporate Safety Manager

Justus came to us as an intern while he was still in high school. He has been with us ever since, now as a full-time employee, although is still in school pursuing his BS in Health and Science and minoring in History.